Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten program includes the following features:

  • Christian Family Montessori School maintains a child to teacher ratio of 7 to 1
  • Children who are five years by September 1st OR will be going to a first grade program after finishing the Kindergarten program may enroll in the Kindergarten Program
  • The Kindergarten class meets from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm daily

Kindergarten students will have an opportunity to: 

  • Begin a handwriting program 

  • Explore upper levels of mathematics including:
    • Addition and subtraction concepts
    • Multiplication and division concepts
    • Time and money

  • Use the advanced language materials including:
    • Word building
    • Story making
    • Story writing and journal writing

  • Listen to literature read aloud. The following classic books may be included:
    • Charlotte’s Web
    • The Secret Garden
    • Sarah, Plain and Tall

  •  Do a more in-depth study of the continents. This may include:
    • Map-making
    • Cooking
    • Songs, poems, and stories
    • Customs and culture

  • Explore science at an appropriate level. They may be working on:
    • Classification of animals
    • The solar system
    • Plants and their care

  • Have a more intensive exposure to history, art and music